In Dota 2 out Immortal Treasure III

Valve has added a third in the Dota 2 Immortal Treasure for Battle Pass 2020. With it, the game became available to new items Pugna, Clockwerk, Oracle, Treant Protector, Gyrocopter and Lich. Each of the open treasure Immortal Treasure III players have a chance to get 50 levels of Battle Pass in 2020, a very rare gold items Version Pugna and ultraredkie Phoenix Wings, as well as an incredibly rare opportunity to unlock the Divine Emblem. Battle Pass 2020 to 2020 The International came out in late May. Due to the pandemic coronavirus tournament was postponed, so the timing of military passes moved. TI10 are planning to hold in 2021. Previously, players noticed that The International 2020 prize pool of Dota 2 days does not move with a mark of $ 36.67 million. With the release of the third treasure counters have not been updated. 1/9 Immortal Treasure III in Dota 2

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