An effective AED program is one that provides an AED device and also integrates this life saving equipment into a comprehensive program that includes clinical expertise and quality assurance to assure the highest level of responder preparedness

This is exactly what we focus on; we are equipped работа москва in placing automated external defibrillators (AEDs) in the workplace, along with providing a proper management system and training for employees on how to use the devices. We will analyze and provide the exact number of AED’s required to keep in your facility

A cardiac emergency is never the time to discover a broken AED or manual defibrillator. To prevent the likelihood of that happening, we will responsibly inspect and maintain the devices and make sure they’re always up and running. We also provide AED check cards and regularly inspect your AED electrodes, jobitel com status indicator, battery, rescue kit, and general unit condition. Have fun with a online slots south africa

We guarantee our certified technicians are at your service to keep you safe at all times.

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